Fuel Tax Reporting

Carrier are required to file IFTA and other highway use tax on regular bases. Some are required to be filed monthly while are quarterly. For IFTA need to file every Quarter and Oregon mileage tax is every month.


The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is agreement, to collect fuel tax from motor carriers, between 48 states of US and Canadian provinces excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Canadian territories.

Highway Use Tax/Weight Distance tax:
Highway use taxes are Oregon Mileage tax, New Mexico weight distance tax, New York highway use tax, KYU Kentucky Weight Distance. These taxes are collected in addition to IFTA taxes.All carrier that travel through these province need to file these within due time .

Following IFTA requirements and filing fuel tax and highway use taxes can be time consuming and challenging. Collecting- fuel receipts, logs; calculating – fuel, mileage, Fuel tax reporting process can be tiring. Late filing/Not filing IFTA or these taxes can result in penalty, suspension, or cancellation of licensing. Having a Service provider can save time and money. We can simplify your fuel tax reporting process.
AD service will collect and compile the logs, trip sheets, fuel, gps data and any other supporting document to verify the fuel mileage.
We will calculate and file the IFTA return, KY, NM, NY, OR mileage tax on your behalf before deadline.
For IFTA AUDIT preparation and representation:Click Here

Fuel tax by truck
IFTA and other tax is calculated for individual truck. Separate reports with all the taxes paid for each truck will be provided to carrier. It can be used by carrier to have a better understanding of filed taxes and to develop future strategies to reduce taxes.

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