New Hiring and Screening

Finding the right and qualified driver can be hard and costly. One wrong hire can have huge impact on business. It can affect your relationship with clients, your fleet insurance and safety rating. A.D. Service provide an easy, fast and cost-efficient streamlined process to find and hire a right and qualified driver for your company. Hiring a professional qualified driver can result in better on road performance, less Out of services and crashes.
Our Screening and hiring process involves
-A Customize application package with your business needs.
-Verifying Driver eligibility and qualification for your business
-Review of driver record.
-Background and previous employment check
-Pre-employment Drug test.
ADDITIONAL PROCESS: Pre-Employment Screening Program. Learn More

Drivers Re – Assessment

AD service can also perform the re assessment of all the drivers. It includes re assessing their performance, skills, knowledge behavior within company , with client, driving records, violation , crashes etc.After evaluation, a report with recommendation and any necessary training that may be needed for each driver will be provided carrier.


After Screening and Assessment of New hires or Current Driver, AD service also provide the necessary training driver may need to work with your business. Training may include but not limited to
Hours of Service (both US and Canada)

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