NSC and FMCSA both can conduct audit to make sure carrier’s practices and compliance with rules and regulations. Audit can happen due to many different reasons. It could be Random audit, Compliance review, follow audit, triggered audit new entrant audit (for new USDOT companies).
Audits can also happen to review your FUEL TAX/mileage filings. It could be an IFTA audit, Oregon miles tax audit. We have experienced and specialized team for following audits:

Audit Preparation

Audit preparation can be rough and time consuming. Our specialized team can help you prepare your records in a presentable manner the officer will want to see.

Audit Representation

Hiring a representative can mean efficient and professional dialog between you and audit officer. It shows your understanding for the importance of the compliance. Our specialist has extensive experience and knowledge of compliance rules and regulation and can be your thought and voice during audit. You do have to answer few questions about business. Our specialist will review the final report with you to verify the violation and will help you the create the corrective action plan.

Mock Audit

Let us review your record and find out where you stand. Our team can come to your location or send us your records for a full review. You will receive full report of all our findings and areas you need to improve at the end of our review. We will provide you recommendation and detailed corrective plan.
Mock Audit can be done to review your NSC and USDOT compliance and asse you fuel tax filing practices.
Our team specialize two types of Mock Audits:

NSC and DOT compliance Mock Audit

In this audit we will review your safety practices and record keeping determining your compliance with NSC and USDOT rules and regulations. This mock audit will investigate but not limited to:

Mock audit can be done for only from National safety code perspective or FMCSA perspective or both.

FUEL TAX audit

This mock audit can be performed to asse your IFTA and highway use tax filing (OR mile tax, New York, NM and KY). This can be done individually for separate filings or all together. Mock audit will look into but not limited to

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